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Barb Housner

such a fun card - CAS but so effective

thanks for skipping

Barb Housner

Nancy M

That's cute. I like how you used black and white with pops of color. Thanks for skipping! RBBRRMQN at YAHOO dot COM


What a cute card! It made me smile to see those flowers! Love the CAS design!

susan s

this is a sweet card

Lindsay Amrhein

Oh I just love this Courtney! Those pots are fun and colorful!


What a great card. Love the paper piecing idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

Betty T

Love your card. Caught myself smiling as soon as I saw it!

Allison G in TX

Love, love, love your card! Just goes to show that you can make a FUN CAS card as well as elegant ones. Fun is my favorite!

Raeanna S in AZ

I said "AWWWWW" out loud when I seen your card! I love it!!!! Thanks for sharing!


So cute and simple - this is adorable!!!

Pat Kinkaid

Made me smile!! Pat Kinkaid


Love this! Following you!

Paula S.

So cute and such a perfect example of CAS. You alway have lots of inspiring CAS cards ad I enjoy visiting your blog to see what yo are creating. So glad you participated in this skip today!

Laurie Crop

CAS is the bomb!! I can't get over the variety and beauty of SIMPLICITY!!!!!

Lisa Oliver

your card definately has that "Wow!" factor for me! I love everything about it! The colors, the paper piecing, the sentiment, and the rounded edges all contribute to the overall look of the card that just makes me smile.

A wonderful finish to a fabulous skip! Thanks for sharing!

Brenda Urbanik

Superb CAS card! Love your style, love the bright colours and those very happy flowers!

Jan Hunnicutt

Courtney you are the QUEEN of CAS, I love your cards ( I had to keep scrolling and looking ) Thanks for your wonderful inspiration and being in this skip!

Karen B.

Super cute, Super sweet and just your style.

Tami B

So cute and such a happy little card. This would brightens someone's day for sure.


So fun! Thanks for sharing!!

Ann Merkins

Great card! Very cheery, it made me smile!

Sue D

Very cheery CAS card!

Brenda Seluta

SO CUTE! This card immediately made me smile and feel happy! I love it! I scrolled down on your blog and saw several others I love, too! Thanks for sharing and making me smile! :)


Beautiful CAS card!

Adele S.

When I first saw your cards I thought "Really? They're so white!", but the more I looked, the more I saw that it really works. I love your designs!

Lynn Ramsey

What a cute card! I love the paper pieced parts! Well done!

Teresa D

Love the card...it make a BIG statement in a simple way. Thanks for sharing.

Lee Mae

Your cards are really sweet and beautifully made. I've bookmarked your site so I can visit and learn from your blog. :)

Dolores A.

Truly a clean and simple card...so sweet!

Patricia H

What *cute* happy flowers! This card will definitely make its recipient smile.


Your card brought a smile to my face - so crisp and clean! Thanks for being part of OWH!

Anita A

Stunning card!


Great card! Loving all the CAS inspiration! Thanks

Maureen L

What a precious card! CAS perfection and compeltely adorable to boot! Thanks for sharing!


Great to see that CAS can be fun and cute too. Enjoyed the card.


Very cute! Thanks for showing us your CAS!

Barb Turpin

What sweet little smiling faces!


Adorable card, Courtney! I love the little trim detail on the flower pots!


Thank you for sharing your lovely art with us.

Dawn Woolf

this card is adorable! it made me smile! this card will definitely brighten someone's day! It sure brightened mine! Thanks for sharing!


I. Love. This. Card. It is perfectly simple and simply perfect!

Kathy T

You have created such a great card. It just made me smile as soon as I saw it.


So cheery! Enjoyed scrolling through your blog. Am adding you to my bookmarks!


Very sweet, right down to the rounded corners!

Hannah Lewis

I really like your card. It is a perfect CAS design. Thanks for sharing!

Carol Lewis

Your card is great. I love the CAS design. I went on through your blog and saw many, beautiful CAS cards. Great job!


Very nice, TFS.


So sweet and your ketchup card in the post below is fabulous!


Awwww what a great card. You did a fabulous job.


Totally adorable and no way will I skip your blog :) lol.


This is soooo cute! i love the smiley faces!!


Love your work. Great Card!!!

Jen W.

Love this new Unity stamp - just got mine in the mail yesterday. Love how you paper pieced and popped them! :)

Patti B

thanks for sharing this wonderful card. You did a great job.


Linda L

Love your cut and happy card! TFS!!!


Great skip, thanks for sharing! It made me smile.


Love the simplicity of the small paper pieced flowerpots. Very eyecatching card.


You have a ton of really cool CAS cards on your blog. I had a blast looking at them. Thanks for the fab eye candy!

Susan G

I love this it really pops off the paper!

linda patti

sweet card, love the smiling flowers! thanks for sharing!!


So cheerful!

Verna Angerhofer

I am glad I took the time to skip through all of these lovely cards. Yours is so beautiful and full of cheer and happpiness with those smiling flowers. Great image to use on a CAS card.


Those flowers are SO cute!!!

queen_lade at yahoo.com

Linda Grady

Great CAS cards; sure to give someone a chuckle to brighten their day. Love this hop!

Cindy Teysko

I dare anyone to view your "Happy Thoughts of You" card and not smile ;). It makes me feel happy and cared about all by itself. Thanks for the inspiration. I love this card!!


Your card is so cheery and sweet. Thank you for the inspiration.


Love your card and looking through your blog - very inspiring! Your talent challenges me to up my game & raises the bar! Thanks for sharing in the blog skip!

Crystal W.

I enjoyed seeing your skip on the OWH CAS. I especially loved that you showed exactly how you achieved your effects for your card from the color of ink to steps to make it. For a beginning card maker that was a huge help :) Gorgeous card :)

Just A Pac Rat

This is such a cute card, CAS indeed! TFS



What a CUTE card. Wonderful CAS card.

Alice W.

too cute! this makes me smile BIG, Courtney! love it!

Cora Jean

This is the sweetest little card. Thanks for sharing

Dawn C.

Love your card! Its so bright and cheery! Thanks for sharing!

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