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Belinda Chang Langner

Oh so sweet! Love the bold colors -- and hoping for lots of white for you!


totally adorable, totally! love that silly nerdy bird line, you do it so so cutely !!!

alexandra s.m.

What?? No kraft?? what's going on here??
Just Kiddin'!
I love that yellow! What a pop and the details are fantastic!


so bright and cheery! :)


Love the yellow and spots of happy colors! This is so fun! Hope you get LOTS of snow!


Such a darling card...

ahhh...someone that enjoys the snow?!
We're not use to it here so it really does a number on the commuting...that's my biggest issue...if it snows when I can be snowbound and crafting...that's ALL good:)

happy friday!

Lillian Child

Okay ... that's it ... I'm going to the basement to find my sewing machine - which I haven't used once in the past five years ... I LOVE this card creation! So unique and creative! Thanks for sharing!

Tiffany Heilman

so cute! I love the nerdy bird collection. The cloud and color combo is perfect

Alice W.

so fun and delightful. fabulous card, Courtney! have a wonderful weekend! =)


Such a cute cheerful card!!

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