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Karen B.

I think it is utterly awesome that your creativity extends way beyond paper. I love your color combination and the rick rack border on the last.

Tiffany Johnson

These are STUNNING! Now, If I could only use my machine on fabric ;)


They look pretty good! Looks like your junior high sewing skills are coming back to you. Love- Mom

alexandra s.m.

as well you should be! They're great. It's fun to see the fabric you chose go very well with everything else ( your cards and blog )

(thank you for your super sweet comment, it means so much to me, especially coming from you )

Alice W.

LOVE those fun fabrics that you used!!! super project!! you are so talented, girl!!


I got a mouth full of drool and could really use a napkin!! ummmmm... like YOURS!!! so so so cute!

Rachel D

Love your fabric choices! Isn't it fun to learn a new skill, especially one that's both beautiful and useful?

I don't get a lot of traffic on my humble little blog, but when I look at my stats, BY FAR the one post with the most hits is a post where I made cloth napkins for my kids. (People visit via Google searches on how to make cloth napkins for children). It makes me laugh - like, what's different about making cloth napkins for kids other than that maybe they're a bit smaller? But I take it as a nice thing that people want to make and use cloth napkins more and more over paper.

Lisa (sideoats + scribbles)

I love cloth napkins and use mine all the time! People always ask about them and when I tell them I made 'em they can't believe it. But once you know how they're so easy!


Wow! I WANT THEM!!!! Where did you buy that fabric! Like I can do anything with it anyways...I don't know how to sew...but I think I need this on line class!

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