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Karen B.

Fantastic interactive interpretation that just makes me grin from ear to ear! Congratulations on being in the Top 20, a spot well-deserved!

Heather P.

This is so COOL!! Love your take on the theme! :)

Tiffany Johnson

Your card is SUPER clever!!!! Congrats and good luck!

Lynn Ghahary

hee hee! LOVE the little truck! Best of luck to you! Lynn :)

Shemaine Smith

What a great card! I love the polka dot paper and the pooch:)

Alice W.

so stinking cute!!! love it!! off to vote. Good luck! =)

Sarah Martina

So creative! Loved seeing this card! :) Congrats and good luck!

Vera Yates

Your card is so cool! And cute, too! Best of luck! =)

Angie Tieman

Love this card, so clever and creative!! Best of luck to you!

Regina Mangum

What a clever, cute, and sweet card! Please do post more on how you made this! Congrats and good luck!


Adorable Courtney - love your grass and that little polka dot truck!!
Good luck!


So clever, creative, and way cute!!! You have such a great style, I am sure you are going to go very far in this contest!! Good luck & congrats!


Beautiful!! I love your card.
Congratulations and best of luck!


this is sooo stinkin cute!! love your work, long time fan here woohoooo!


I want a polka-dotted truck. Wouldn't that be fun in real life? But I do adore your card, so darned cute! Best of luck!


What a great idea for a card! I love it! Good luck! :)

Kelley Eubanks

This is such a fun card!! Congrats on being in the top 20 and Good luck to you! :)


omigosh, i love you. ;)

Jill Hayes

Congrats on winning! Love this happy, happy card. . . would love if you put a tutatorial with more details on how you put it together!

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